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Group classes are the most affordable way to learn. We have seven different classes each week, with levels ranging from beginner to advanced.

Lower price – one teacher working with multiple dancers enables you to learn at a lower fee. 

Group giggles – almost without exception, our group classes eventually dissolve into laughter. We want learning to be fun! The more relaxed and comfortable you are, the easier it is to learn. 

Social time – dancing is a social activity! So you can connect with friends, meet new people and just enjoy mingling with a happy, friendly group. 

Learn from others – students of various ages and abilities provide a spectrum of experience, techniques and triumphs to help flatten out that learning curve.

Want to rumba? Cha cha? Swing? With so many dances to learn, private lessons offer the easiest way to decide which ones you want to learn. 

Personalized attention – your instructor can tailor your dance lesson to your individual needs, your ability and your preferences. 

Custom pace – we teach progressively and build upon each lesson. In a private setting, your instructor goes as fast or slow as you need to ensure you thoroughly learn steps without holding you back or rushing you forward. 

Faster progress – students of private lessons almost always progress faster than in group lessons. 

Flexible schedule – you can schedule your private lessons Monday-Thursday 2:00-9:30pm or Friday 2:00-7:15pm.

Our parties mark the midpoint between beginning lessons and public dancing. Mingle with others, try out new steps and pair music to each dance. 

Strut your stuff – our dance parties are like a dress rehearsal before opening night. You can practice what you've learned with people who are there to do likewise. 

Familiar surroundings – Dance with new partners and mingle with others provide a safe and comfortable environment without the distraction of being in an unfamiliar setting. 

Social time – dancing is a social activity! Our dance parties are an opportunity to truly enjoy the experienceof a dance event that's within your comfort zone. 

Fixed event – our dance parties are every week at the same time, so you can block out time on your calendar to join us, Fridays at 8:00 pm.

Dance enhances confidence, style, grace, coordination and poise. Children learn to interact with respect, ease the stress of adolescence and have fun! 

Promote good health – the freedom to move is so important in the physical development of a child. Dance lessons are structured and orderly without being rigid or confining. 

Build a love of learning – kids love to be led. We make it OK for them to try new things, make mistakes and reach personal goals. 

Provide an emotional outlet – we all need to blow off steam sometimes, but especially  tweens and teens. Give them a safe place to release tension and learn how to cope with boredom or frustration. 

Reinforce positive social behavior – each child gets to feel special and proud on the dance floor. We give lots of encouragement and praise. It's part of our job!

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