Welcome to DanceSmiths Ballroom Dance Studio

     A quick & simple explanation of DanceSmiths Ballroom Dance Studio: We teach everyday people to dance, to the level of competency they choose, at the pace they prefer.  Our business plan is simple. Win/Win/Win.  Find the win for the students, the staff, and the studio. 

     You do not need a partner. You do not need "natural talent." You do not need to be a size 2 or a body builder. All you need is to schedule your first dance lesson! Beth & Benji Smith have more than 50 years combined dance experience, not counting the DanceSmiths staff. They have trained many quality dance teachers, and taught thousands of regular people like you to dance.  


There are six reasons to experience dance lessons with

DanceSmiths Ballroom Dance Studio

You Get Guaranteed Lessons 
     Every lesson is guaranteed. If you ever feel your lesson was not up to standards, contact Beth or Benji, and they will not charge you for that lesson. We stand by our lessons.


You Get Professional Instructors 
     Our instructors are nationally certified, full time, professional teachers with hundreds of hours of training . They have the ability, dedication, and compassion to teach you to be the kind of dancer you want to be. We bring in coaches, champions, and judges to improve our staff and students on their dance lessons.  

You Get Convenience & Flexibility 
     You get dance lessons when they are convenient for you. We schedule private dance lessons to fit your busy schedule; we have over 150 lesson slots available each week. We can also accommodate private group dance lessons for your event. Our Dance Party, Friday nights at 8pm, is the halfway point between your lessons and the real world. We have 7 group classes each week at 7:15pm or 8pm. 


You Meet Great People
     Fun people. We think the happiest, friendliest people in town. People like you, who are also learning to dance. Singles, Couples, and "Sort of" Singles (attached but without a partner in the studio).

You Will Have Fun
      Laugh. Dance. Twirl. Step on toes. Apologize. Dance. Laugh some more. Let go of your inhibitions! Dancing is such an easy way to bring enjoyment to your life. Our students say they feel energized after their lessons. Many say their best day of the week is any day they dance with us.

You Will Feel Great
      Wouldn't you rather feel your energy soar on the dance floor than stuck on a treadmill at the health club? When your favorite song comes on, would you rather do step aerobics or dance? Ballroom dancing is an excellent, low impact way to keep fit and relieve stress. Leave your troubles at the edge of the dance floor and step into a world of class and elegance. We've been told many times: "This is my favorite time of the week." It could be yours, too.


Group Lessons

Group classes are the most affordable way to take dance lessons. With seven different classes each week, we have one for you. Levels range from beginner to advanced.

Private Lessons

The fastest way to learn to dance is to take private lessons. With so many dances to choose from, private lessons offer the easiest way to sample them all. 

Practice Parties

Dance Parties are the halfway point between your dance lessons and the real world. If your intent is to dance socially, you do not want to miss these. They are a great way to "window shop" for new dances and to pair music to each dance. 


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